Welcome to Hydroviz

HydroViz is an educational "virtual" hydrologic observatory developed for a "real" watershed by integrating field data, remote sensing observations with computer simulations of hydrologic variables and processes. HydroViz is designed to support hydrology education in engineering and earth science courses. HydroViz is fully web-based, web-accessible with Google Earth embedded into it. For more background information, visit HydroViz project homepage. An Instructor Guide on how to use HydroViz is available for download.   

Click Travel to the Watershed to begin (you may need to download a free Google Earth plugin).

Or, click on any of the following links for a specific HydroViz Module. Each module in HydroViz covers a set of Learning Objectives.

Module 1: Getting Acquainted with the Watershed

Module 2: Exploring Land-Use Land-Cover (LULC) Coverage Map

Module 3: Exploring Soil Coverage

Module 4: Exploring Land Elevation

Module 5: Exploring Field Equipment

Module 6: Working with a Real Rainfall Storm

Module 7: Analysis of Rainfall Measurements during Storm Mathew

Module 8: Measuring Rainfall Using Remote Sensing Techniques (Satellite and Radar)

Module 9: Analysis of Runoff/Stream flow Observations due to Storm Mathew

Module 10: Curve Number Analysis

Module 11: TR55 Graphical Method

Module 12: Hydrologic Model Setup

Module 13: Hydrologic Model Simulations

After completing the HydroViz assignment given by your instructor, you are expected to fill in a survey questionnaire.