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HydroViz is a web-based, student-centered, highly visual educational system designed to support active learning in the field of Hydrology by creating case-based, data and simulation-driven learning experiences beyond traditional methods typically used in today’s classrooms. HydroViz leverages recent research advances on monitoring and modeling of complex hydrologic systems and synthesize them to develop a suite of flexible and adaptable learning modules. The learning experiences are embedded within three US regional-scale natural systems (Coastal Louisiana, the Florida Everglades, and the Great Salt Lake Basin in Utah) and serve as educational “Observatories” delivered to instructors and students via a web server-based system.

Hydroviz Coastal Louisiana
LA Hydroviz Coastal Louisiana is an unique system that captures transition from inland to coastal/wetland hydrology. It provides unprecedented opportunities to enhance students’ learning about fundamental hydrological processes. Click on the image on left to open the Hydroviz Coastal Louisiana learning tool.
Hydroviz Everglades
FL Hydroviz Everglades has seen a large scale modification of hydrology and subsequent large restoration effort. It is a unique laboratory to teach students on processes of large-scale hydrologic modification, ecosystem restoration, and water resource management practices. Click on the image on left to open the Hydroviz Everglades learning tool.

This project is an expansion of a first-phase development that was completed in a Type I NSF-CCLI project (Hydroviz Phase-I tools). This new project scales up the application, concepts, and lessons learned from the first phase and expand them to have a deeper and broader impact on the education of hydrology as a multi-faceted science.

HydroViz is primarily designed to be used in junior/senior/graduate level courses on hydrology, water resources engineering, or other related subjects. Selected modules in HydroViz can also be used in introductory-level courses that focus on introducing new engineering and earth science students to basic hydrologic concepts.

HydroViz is developed as a joint effort between researchers at three universities: University of Louisiana at Lafayette as a Lead Institution, Utah State University and Columbia University. The project includes collaboration with two water management agencies: South Florida Water Management District, and the Water Institute of the Gulf, with three additional universities, a college, and a high school serving as independent testing sites.

Acknowledgment: HydroViz is sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (TUES) program under Collaborative Award No. 1122898 (Type II). Funding for the first phase of HydroViz was provided by the NSF’s Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program under Award No. 0737073. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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